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We are a group of people leading the way to a sustainable future. Sharing our views and learning from others. Join us and share with world here, our little Utopia!

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Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly

A Sustainable Living Blog for the Global Citizens 

Blogs that help us live sustainably

This is a free , creative and safe little piece of the internet Utopia, sharing our experience and views about sustainability, related to your daily life and work. 

The blog include topics like sustainable fashion, sustainable living, organic and healthy food or skin care products and more...

We are constantly searching for bloggers and influencers from all over the world, sharing your sustainable living or working to all of us!


What is EQUIPLY?

Since starting EQUIPLY, I have been asked this questions a few times...​

What does it means of "EQUIPLY"?


The idea of "EQUIPLY" came from two words - "equilibrium" and "supply chain". At EQUIPLY, we believe to end the inequality of supply chain by connecting the producers and consumers, we hope to create a sustainable community interdependency.


What does "EQUIPLY" do?


Here, EQUIPLY is a social impact focused, we are here to share the information about sustainability. We believe sustainability is the ability to exist constantly. We believe by connecting our local communities from all over the world can provide inspiration and connection globally.


Our Concept



Enable the equality of the supply chain by connecting consumers and producers through a sustainable platform to reveal the unique story of your product. All of this is possible at EQUIPLY!

Our Values


True cost of labor, material, production and transportation


Materials' origins and people involved every process


Building trust in product and its makers, not brand