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We are a group of people leading the way to a sustainable future. Sharing our views and learning from others. Join us and share with world here, our little Utopia!

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Are you ready to be a leader?

I get to know about SALASUSU here, at this platform – EQUIPLY. I originally come from Cambodia and I always want to help our community as I love my country so much!

I got a chance to join SALASUSU Leadership Workshop. And I would love to share my impressions with you after participating in the Leadership Workshop.

SALASUSU is an accessories brand focused on making a real change for underprivileged women’s lives though empowering them to gain valuable life skills through handicraft manufacturing.

I was lucky to attend one of the leadership workshops in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last week and shop to share my experience with you all here. The workshop’s leadership training as extremely beneficial since I would be able to apply it directly in my career in the future. Application of PDCA, or Planning, Doing, Checking and Action-taking was another element of high-productivity coaching in the leadership workshop.

At the same time, I noticed that the workshop emphasized the value of feedback in the workplace. Furthermore, other participants were exceedingly satisfied with the training course. I enjoyed sharing my experience and insights with other participants by adding personal real-life example.

I wish to join future workshops with SALASUSU to explore new ideas and topics, as well as sharing my sustainable Cambodian lifestyle in this little Utopia.

I hope that by sharing my experience and thoughts here, we can work hand in hand to make our world a better place!