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We are a group of people leading the way to a sustainable future. Sharing our views and learning from others. Join us and share with world here, our little Utopia!

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Meet Our Host

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Hey Newbies! Welcome to EQUIPLY!

If we are meeting for the first time, my name is Wendy, the co-founder of EQUIPLY, nice e-meeting you here!

“I am a nature lover and a lifestyle entrepreneur. Trying to turn my interests and passions into products and services that support a sustainable lifestyle here!”

My lineage is wrapped up in the garment industry. I have been growing up in a garment manufacturing family. My father is in the woven garment business and my aunt is focusing on knitted garment industry respectively. In my teens, I can always have chances to work shadow my father’s job, followed him wander around the factory, had a chance to try packaging, sticking the labels, allocating the price tags… and it has always triggering me to think how we can show our producers’ heart and story of making the product? How to enable the equality of the whole supply chain?

As we all know the open secret, in most cases, only 4% of a garment retail price often goes towards factory workers’ wages (1 Deloitte, A Living Wage in Australia’s Clothing Supply Chain, 2017.), what about the other 96% goes to? I am confused… producers are the most important parties for the whole production line or even the whole supply chain, shouldn’t they be paid more?

Life’s meanings are often concealed behind facades of what we perceive to be reality. There is a story behind every piece of art, every single product, just as there is a story behind every human, every facial expression and every action. We, as a consumer, don’t buy a product, we buy gratifications. Gratification leads us to positive feelings, we pay for products that make us feel good, or that provide solutions which forge a path to this same result, or even provide a solution to create a sustainable community.

Here, with EQUIPLY

This is why, we launched EQUIPLY, a platform designed to facilitate supply chain sustainability. By connecting our 3 core values, Transparency, Traceability and Trust, we reveal the unique story of your product.

Through EQUIPLY, we are able to share the stories and opportunities of sustainable supply chain. Let's change the way we do business, create a sustainable and better world:)