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We are a group of people leading the way to a sustainable future. Sharing our views and learning from others. Join us and share with world here, our little Utopia!

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What are the 3Ts?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

EQUIPLY aims to reach a supply and demand equilibrium by avoiding excess production, as well as achieving supply chain equality. We built on 3 core values: Transparency, Traceability, Trust

Transparency: disclosing true costs in supply chains.  
Traceability: knowing our materials’ origins and people involved at every stage of production.
Trust: streamlining the supply chain and achieving better cost efficiency. By partnering with trusted brands and eliminating duplicated and unnecessary processes, manufacturers and consumers can form a trustworthy and transparent relationship.

By connecting these values, EQUIPLY unlocks the door to supply chain finance. Consumers can communicate and pay incentives directly to producers, and equal opportunities are given to all parties along the supply chain. 

Together with EQUIPLY, we can build a more sustainable supply chain. Let us reveal the story of your products.