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We are a group of people leading the way to a sustainable future. Sharing our views and learning from others. Join us and share with world here, our little Utopia!

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  • Wendy Lam

What is EQUIPLY?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Welcome to our little internet Utopia. We are using this space to connect with the world in a way that’s current and interesting.

Here is an ongoing conversation where we can share updates about business, trends, news about sustainability and more.

“Together with EQUIPLY, we are building a sustainable supply chain”

The idea of this name is coming from "EQUILIBRIUM" and "SUPPLY CHAIN". EQUIPLY aims to reach supply and demand equilibrium by avoiding excess supply in every industry. We are building a sustainable supply chain, achieving supply chain equality. We believe that no matter suppliers, producers or consumers should have the same rights and opportunities along the supply chain.

EQUIPLY is a social impact focused sustainability with a learning community that provides you the inspiration, connections and news about sustainability around the world.

Here in EQUIPLY, let's create a sustainable community interdependency together!